We fulfill client’s funding needs for green field projects, brown field projects, expansions and modernization projects through conventional and non-conventional debt products. We facilitate debt for our clients at the most competitive interest rates, make strategies for interest rate optimization and provide other related advisory services. Following are the range of services or product offering under Debt solutions:

Project Finance

We help the client in syndicating project finance on the optimum structure and provide ancillary services with relation to the same, including preparation of TEV Report, project report, financial model, etc. It can be for green field or brown field projects.

Term Loans

We help to arrange term loan to clients at competitive rate of interest and structure the same in the best interest of the corporate. Term loans generally are provided for acquiring income producing assets (machinery, equipment, etc) that generate the cash flows for repayment of the loan. Term loans are asset based loans provided for a term normally ranging between 1 to 15 years payable in pre-determined number of installments over the tenure of the loan.

External commercial borrowing

ECBs include commercial bank loans, buyers' credit and suppliers’ credit. The money raised through ECB is cheaper given near-zero interest rates in the US and Europe. Indian companies can repay their existing expensive rupee loans from that or can use it for fresh CAPEX.

Working capital or seasonal needs

We help the client in syndicating finances for their day to day needs, including fund based and non fund based limits through various financing institutions at competitive interest rates. We also suggest our clients a better mix of working capital facilities to reduce interest rates.

Debt capital markets

We help our clients to raise long term funds in the form of Non Convertible Debentures (NCD) and short term funds in the form of Commercial papers.